What Doctors Say About the Atlantic Implant Institute

Doctors just like you rave about the Atlantic Implant Institute’s impact on their results and careers.

Doctors just like you rave about the Atlantic Implant Institute’s impact on their results and careers.

Dr. Brian Polillo

Signing up for 1 on 1 training at Full Implant Choice/ Atlantic Implant Institute is one of the best professional decisions I have ever made. Dr. Hogan tailor made a course to fit where I’m growing in my skill set. I was given guidance on what pre work needed to be done to ensure my time at Full Implant Choice was actually productive not just me observing procedures like a deer in headlights. There are plenty of surgical courses out there that will teach implant dentistry, but at Full Implant Choice you are part of the team while you are learning.

In addition to the top notch clinical instruction and live patient surgeries, I was given all of the other materials I need to preform these procedures at my office. From necessary instruments needed, to front office billing, to pre and post op care for the patients.

Dr. Hogan is also extremely knowledgeable in multiple approaches to surgeries. We all know there is more than one way to get the final results, Dr. Hogan will find what works for you while showing you what else is out there.

10/10 experience and I would recommend Full Implant Choice/ Atlantic Implant institute to anyone. From patients needing extraordinary treatment to doctors looking to grow their surgical skills, this is the clinic for you.

Islam Saleh, DMD, MS

I am thrilled with everything I learned from Dr. Adam Hogan in his course “The Business of Full Arch.” The amount and quality of material that he puts in his presentations is unparalelled and you will learn everything you need to master the game. You will get to learn how to recruit a team that is ready to take challenges and help you succeed. You will get to see his surgical set up, which is impeccable and his seamless digital workflow. Marketing is a solid portion of the course, and by end of the course you will have a complete understanding of the tools that you need to make your practice outstanding.

It is easily noticeable the positive energy and great vibe at Atlantic Implant Institute. Everyone is friendly and nice and willing to share knowledge. Thank you, Dr. Hogan, for this amazing experience.

Jason R Baker DDS FAGD

After attending this course once, a had to come back again with my staff.  Full Arch Digital Workflow puts ‘all on X’ all together! All the steps involved, administrative end to the surgery and prosthetic digital workflow…. This comprehensive course simplifies this entire procedure! Dr Hogan and his staff put on a great course.   

If you are implementing this procedure in your office, this course is for you!

Dr. Brad Winn

The Business of All on X course that Dr Hogan put on really brought to life and demystified the journey of building a truly successful full arch practice. There’s so much hype and misinformation out there today from marketing companies that are only concerned with their bottom line and will deliver false propaganda to doctors leading them to believing they’re the answer. Adam cuts through the BS and shows what’s necessary to truly make it happen.

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